Visa Cards

What Is a VISA Card?

A Visa card is a payment card that uses the Visa network and is branded by Visa. A card that bears the Visa symbol and which enables a Visa cardholder to obtain goods, services or cash from a Visa merchant or acquirer, and have the transaction processed through its network.


Worldwide acceptable


International and local payments.


Peace of mind where you can shop easily and safely.


All types of online shopping.

Any BOK account holder can apply for a BOK Visa card.

Download the form, visit and submit at any of the BOK branches mentioned below:


  • EL Miawi
  • Mohamed Nageeb Street
  • Alriaydh
  • Alamarat
  • Almanshia
  • Barlaman


  • Kafuri 11
  • Albaldia


  • Al Mohandeseen
  • Central Omdurman

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