Digital Banking

BOK’s promise is to always ensure the customer is first. This promise fuels the passion of its people, to serve, provide and deliver for their customers beyond the traditional banking methods. BOK’s customers feel its efforts to put the customer at the heart of its business. This is reflected in tangible form, through its business and financial performance as well as research that shows BOK has the highest brand recall in the industry at 98% and the highest customer loyalty percentage in the market.

BOK also has a proven track record, with its unprecedented ability to deliver solutions for its customers in some of the most challenging and often dangerous operating environments in the country. It is always exploring new ways to expand its delivery channels beyond its current branches nationwide. BOK has a dedicated and structured sales team, focused on reaching new customers and building brand awareness.

Phone Banking (Mubasher)

Bank of Khartoum is offering a distinguished 24 hrs banking services through it is customer service center to meet all your banking needs.


Internet Banking (iBOK)

The easiest banking transactions way Online banking services A free banking service Smartly designed easy to use Bank of Khartoum online service helps you to make your banking transactions online easily in full privacy and 100% security.


SMS & Email Services

Be in touch with your bank account without needing to visit the bank with Bank of Khartoum SMS & Email services.



You can access our strategically located, extensive network of largest network of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs), including cash withdrawals, cash deposits inquiries, card , cardless payments and fund transfers, at any time of the day or night.


Mobile Banking (mBOK)

Enjoy an integrated secured mobile banking services . . . wherever you are with mBOK banking service


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