Saving Plus Account

A Savings account with a Cheque book and ATM card

Saving Plus Account

For the first time in Sudan Bank of Khartoum has launched a Savings account with a cheque book called Savings Plus. Now you can earn profit on your deposit while using your cheque book and ATM card to withdraw cash. The Savings Plus account authorizes the Bank to invest the funds deposited by the customers distributed from the common Mudaraba pool. Profits are shared between the investor and shareholders at the end of the calendar year, based on the lowest monthly balance. Account holders may deposit money at any time, but withdrawals are limited.


Features of BOK Saving Plus Account

  • Banking services, allowing deposit and withdrawal. Of cheques etc. at any Bank of Khartoum branch in the country, irrespective of which branch the account is opened at.
  • Several of Electronic Banking Services (Mobile banking, Internet banking…etc).
  • Cheque book facility is available to provide ease of withdrawal. no restriction on withdrawals and deposit transaction,
  • Customer (individuals only) can give standing instructions for payment of bills and other periodical payments and fund transfer facility to any bank inside or outside Sudan as per CBOS regulations.
  • Account statement (bi-annually).
  • ATM card with access to all BOK ATMs free Account holders are charged for the second ATM card.
  • 24/7 call center with Tele-banking services.


Requirements of Saving Plus Account

  • Valid ID Prove.
  • Salary certificate/Self Employee Business/Self Professional Business/Others.
  • One recommendation.
  • Amount for deposit.

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