Introducing Innovative Products in Agriculture Sector by Smart Financing

This project financed through Salam module. The project aimed to generate economic opportunities to families in the rural sector & low income people; population segment; through empowering 150 family in traditional agricultural sector and also through smart finance products.

The finance help provide families with:

  • Direct investment: Electric source, Water source, Cultivations equipments.
  • Indirect investments” supportive investment” service ,security & production facilities,
  • Direct expenses: All cultivation operation costs (Seeds, Fertilizers, etc),
  • Living expenses: for vegetable cultivation & live stock breeding for beneficiaries benefits,
  • Technical Support: smart partnership with Green Ishraqa Co. to provide technical support( know how) & insure production quality,


The project targets to annually produce 50 ton of Moringa Seeds, 10 ton of Jatropha Seeds, 150 ton of Moringa Alfalfa, 100 ton of vegetables (only for community uses).


A smart partnership with Green Isharqa Co. done to provide beneficiaries with all technical support starting from seedling operations up to harvesting operations. Then link them to the local & global markets.

  • Salam Features:
  • Number of projects: 15 farms located in different country states, 30 acres in each farm, 3 acres for each family.
  • Number of beneficiaries: 150 families each family consist of 5 individual as average number.
  • Project Module: Salam for groups (Associations).
  • Finance amount: about SDG 13,000,000.00
  • Project Guarantee: Group Collateral and Cheque from Associations.
  • Project Duration: 3 years

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