A smart financing product to develop modern agricultural sector

This project financed through Mudaraba mode. The project aimed to generate economic opportunities to Sudanese’s graduates & low income people; population segment; through empowering 125uate & their families in modern agricultural sector and also through smart finance products. Project consist of 25 productive greenhouses, each greenhouse contains 5 tunnels.

Project Objectives:

  • Provide business opportunities for graduates,
  • Increase the income of project beneficiaries,
  • Provide training & technical support for beneficiaries,
  • Develop & diversify the field & crops of greenhouses agriculture,
  • Support & increase winter season crops during summer season,
  • Increase the GDP,
  • Increase the country export as much as possible.


The project targets to produce 1200 ton of vegetables annually, focusing on summer production to provide winter season crops, and produce rare products around the whole year in the winter.

Summer Crops:

Hot Charliston Pepper
Sweet Charliston Pepper
Yellow Pepper
Red Pepper

Winter Crops:

Green Beans
Cherry Tomato
Red & white Cabbage
Ice-Burg Letture
Summer season crops+Flowers

  • Number of beneficiaries: 125 Graduate/family each family consist of 5 individual as average number.
  • Project Module: Mudarba for groups with 71.5% for BOK (Rab-elmal) & 28.5 % for Graduates/ Families ( Mudarib).
  • Finance amount: about SDG 28,000,000.00
  • Project Guarantee: Cheque from Association.
  • Project Duration: 15 years

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