Corporate Banking

Our Services include financing solutions for agriculture, industry, infrastructure, export finance, local trade and project finance

If a main priority of your business is to increase efficiency to save time and money, then cutting through the maze of transactions and finance will deliver instant results. We are proud to be pioneers in Sudan to provide high class corporate banking solutions. Our aim is to work with you to ensure you achieve your goals and guarantee your success.

  • Online Centralized Branches: With our fully Online Centralized branches, corporate clients can seamlessly use any of Bank of Khartoum’s branches for all their day-to-day operations including Cash Deposits/Withdrawals and cheque payment.
  • Corporate Service Desk: Using a single telephone number (+249 15 6660666), and a single email address ( Corporate Service Unit representatives will answer your calls efficiently using knowledge management systems to provide sufficient information that addresses all your needs.
  • Corporate ATMs: Corporate clients with intensive number of staff in its premise can enjoy the convenience of installing an ATM to save time and effort of cash withdrawal.
  • Special Cheques: Corporate clients can order computerized cheques that will be designed, printed and delivered according to their needs and per Central Bank of Sudan regulations.
  • Corporate Relationship Manager: Specialized in corporate accounts/relations management, with excellent qualifications in providing banking services, who will analyze the client’s needs and advises on the most appropriate solutions.

As a leading Islamic finance institution with a highly professional team, Bank of Khartoum offers well structured and customized finance solutions needed to facilitate management of your working capital and expenditure, including:

Mudaraba, LC Against Mudaraba, Musharaka (Partnership), Qard Hasan (Grant), Istisna/Mugawala(Made to order), Salam (Purchase with deferred delivery), Ijarra (Leasing), Murabaha (Cost-plus sale ), Bai’ Muajjal (Deferred Sale).

  • Cash/Cheque Pickup: Our cash pick-up service takes away your risky, time-consuming and manpower-intensive process of depositing large amounts of cash/cheques to your bank account.
  • Sub-branch: Corporate clients with requirements of offering transactions at their premises can enjoy same banking services offered in a high street branch including cash withdrawal, collection and cheque clearing.
  • Corporate Teller: A dedicated corporate teller is assigned in selected bank of Khartoum branches to serve corporate clients only. This enables smoother banking services by avoiding waiting for long period of time.
  • Direct Debit: It is the simplest and most convenient way for corporate clients to pay regular bills, by authorizing the bank to collect payments from their accounts when they are due.
  • Quick Collect Service (Post Dated Cheques Custody(PDS)): Bank of Khartoum post dated cheque service (Quick Collect) is provided to corporate clients to avoid the complex and tedious nature of work associated with the validation, storage and presentation associated with PDCs.
  • Express Payments: Bank of Khartoum provides solutions for all periodic payments including salaries, rents, pensions …etc
  • Corporate Internet Banking: provides a single customer interface for all transaction reporting, payment initiations and reconciliation requirements including:

- General Account Services: Includes account statements, account summary and cheque books request
- Transaction Payment:
- Internal fund transfer (BOK to BOK)
- External fund transfer (local banks)
- Demand draft issuance
- Salary transfer
- Other Services: Such as bill payments, direct debit and general reports

    • White Labeling Solutions: Upon studying the client’s requirements, Bank of Khartoum can develop and introduce systems that are specially designed and customized to facilitate its business providing it with maximum market outreach through adding its own brand name.
    • Electronic Collection: Bank of Khartoum provides Electronic Collection services for Hajj payments, customs, telephone bills, electricity bills and others, enabling immediate account crediting.
    • Electronic Reporting: Corporate clients can request instant notification messages (Debit/Credit advices) for any transaction in their accounts which will facilitate the daily follow up of the account details.
    • SWIFT Services: Bank of Khartoum advanced SWIFT platform offers a range of payment and collection and reporting facilities by enabling exchange of financial information with other financial institutions through highly secure, standardized communication platform.

With its large number of correspondent banks and its international branches in both Kingdom of Bahrain and United Arab Emirates, Bank of Khartoum’s corporate clients can smoothly transfer funds globally.

  • Term Deposits (Fixed deposits)

This kind of deposits is characterized by its flexibility in the depositing period, while profits are calculated on annual basis. Features include:

- Profits are calculated on monthly basis and distributed according to the deposit duration
- Partial withdrawals or Deposits are not permitted (Except in deposit’s profits).
- Deposit must complete one month at least, to calculate its profit.
- The minimum amount for opening a deposit is 500 000 SDG
- All-term deposit accounts are in SDG

Profit expectations are as follow:

Deposit Period Expected Profits Rate
12 Months      15%
6 Months      13%
3 Months      11.5%
1 Month      10%


  • Short Term Deposit (Weekly):

For the maximum benefit of the balances that will not be exploited during the period of less than a month, clients can open a short term deposit Features include:

- The time period of the deposit is 7 days
- The deposit must complete a full week, as the profits will be calculated weekly (Every Sunday)
- Profits of short-term deposits are distributed annually, by the end of Bank of Khartoum financial year.
- The expected annual profit rate is 3%

  • Restricted Deposits:

A newly enhanced product, where investment is on the basis of “Restricted Mudaraba” under the terms of the stakeholders, in adherence with the Prevailing finance policies Features include:
- Bank of Khartoum will invest the deposits in financial transaction guaranteed by Central Bank of Sudan.
- Profits rate depends on the expected returns of the investments.

  • Max Account:

With the flexible features that combine between current and deposit account features, bank of Khartoum corporate clients can invest/withdraw cash on/from their accounts at the same time. Features include:
- Only 5 withdrawal transactions are allowed per month
- Minimum amount to open a Max account is 5,000,000 SDG
- Minimum balance to enjoy profits is 5,000,000 SDG
- Profit calculation is based on minimum balance of the account on monthly basis
- Profits are distributed according to the Bank’s funding Policy (25% for the stakeholder and 75% for the bank)
- The expected annual profit rate is 3%

    • Letters of Credit(LCs): LCs are geared to handle all customer requirements for Imports/Exports drawn up under strict Shariah principles, Whether importing for local consumption or for re-export, Bank of Khartoum will offer the best solution for your needs. Based on your requirements, we customize the most appropriate service type whether Sight, Acceptance, Transferable, Revolving, Standby LCs or others.
    • Letters of Guarantee(LGs): Letters of Guarantee Bank of Khartoum prepares and issues all kinds of financial instruments, including letters of guarantee drawn up under strict Shariah principles. The range of requirements covered includes bid bonds, performance bonds, advance payment bonds, and guarantees for retention monies, maintenance, Labor, Customs duty, or others.
  • Documentary Collections: Bank of Khartoum provides different types of documentary collections for import and export such as:
    - Advanced Payment (ADV)
    - Deferred Acceptance (DA)
    - Cash Against Documents (CAD)