Our History


  • First bank in Sudan established in 1913
  • Governmental Bank resulted from the merger of number of banks (Barclays Bank, Awhda Bank, Egypt Bank)
  • In 1975 renamed Bank of Khartoum
  • It’s restructuring started in nineties
  • In 1993 merged with both the Unity Bank (Othman Bank) and the National Export and Import Bank
  • 2002: Become a private limited company under the name Bank of Khartoum
  • In 2005 Islamic Bank of Dubai purchased 60% of the bank shares
  • In 2008 the Emirates and Sudan Bank was merged in Bank of Khartoum, to be the largest bank in Sudan and DIB shares become 28.4% and Government of Sudan 10%
  • In 2010 Government of Sudan sold its shares and the Bank become 100% owned by the private sector
  • In 2011 the Bank name has been removed from OFAC list
  • BOK Group has 150 plus branches & cash offices
  • BOK Group own 7 Subsidiaries


BOK was first established in 1913 by the Anglo-Egyptian regime. In 1925 it was renamed Barclay’s Overseas Bank and renamed Barclay’s Bank in 1954. The international best practice processes and procedures that were instilled by Barclay’s during this time remain within the bank’s culture today.

In 1970, the bank was nationalized by the Sudanese government and from 1982-2002 it led the consolidation of the banking sector acquiring several local and regional banks. In 2001, BOK was privatized, and institutionalized its shareholding structure. Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), first and leading regional Islamic Bank headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, is the primary shareholder. DIB brought with it a strong and proficient management team with international banking experience.  The other institutional shareholders are also pioneering in regional Islamic banking and include the Islamic Development Bank Jeddah, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Sharjah Islamic Bank, United Arab Emirates, Etisalat and local and regional investors.

BOK is the largest banking group in the Sudan offering its customers a full range of innovative financial products and services.  It is also the oldest bank in the nation; celebrating its 100th year of serving the Sudanese people. BOK is the largest banking group in the Sudan offering services to Corporate, Retail, Microfinance and investment Business Segments; it also owns various subsidiaries in Trade, Exchange, Brokerage, and Commercial Real-estate. The Bank Manages a Portfolio of USD 2 billion. Headquartered in Khartoum, BOK Group has almost 3000 employees across the group. BOK has 150 plus branches & cash offices and over 325 ATM /CDMs, the largest branch and ATM network in Sudan.

BOK will also introduce new products and services to its clients like Agency Banking and further enhance its mBOK (mobile Banking) services which currently offers wide range of services like utility payments, mobile top ups/ payments, fund transfers etc.

The Bank also has a 24-hour call center, VIP banking and a full suite of e-services which include online banking and SMS alerts. BOK operates under Islamic Banking Standards and Principles which ensure Shariah compliance in all of the bank’s services.

“Our 100-year history certainly gives us an advantage of really knowing and understanding the market and our customers. However, our attitude is more forward looking, more about leading; anticipating ‘what next’, asking ourselves, what more can we do? This is what differentiates us. This is the culture we are building”, Mr. Fadi Al-Faqih, Former Chief Executive Officer, Bank of Khartoum.