At Bank of Khartoum, we are proud to offer our customers a wide range of Sharia compliant Current and Savings Accounts. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.
That is why our range of accounts offer the flexibility you need for today’s modern lifestyle and help your money grows so you can reach your financial goals sooner……

Your First Current Accounts

Bank of Khartoum has earned its reputation through innovative products and services developed through a deep understanding of customer needs. Our unique Current Account is a fully Sharia-compliant facility


Your First Savings Account

Bank of Khartoum Savings Account is aimed at customers who are interested in saving some of their money while enjoying profits on their deposits. Account authorizes the Bank to invest the funds deposited by the customers distributed from the common Mudaraba pool.


Your First Saving Plus Accounts

For the first time in Sudan Bank of Khartoum has launched a Savings account with a cheque book called Savings Plus. Now you can earn profit on your deposit while using your cheque book and ATM card to withdraw cash.


Safety Lockers

Customers may rent safe deposit boxes to store jewelry, important documents and other valuables with 100 per cent security at several Bank of Khartoum branches. Boxes may be accessed at any time during banking hours.


Your First Investment / Fixed Deposit

Bank of Khartoum Investment Account or Fixed deposits allow customers to make fixed deposits throughout the year at intervals of three, six, nine, or twelve months.


Your First Salary Transfer Account

Bank of Khartoum provides with efficient processing of regular payments (Salaries, Pensions, etc.) with straight through processing capability by uploading directly to the bank system.


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