Treasury & Investment Banking

Our goal is to make Islamic investment easy for you

Treasury & Investment Banking Services provide money markets, capital market, foreign exchange, structured deposits, lines of credit, investment advisory services, Sukuk syndications, and portfolio issuance and structuring to both corporate and retail customers of the Bank. It will soon be introducing economic, country and industry research on the Sudan with an international research partner.

Moreover, Treasury maintains outstanding relationships with correspondent banks across Europe, Asian and Middle East that services all business segments in the function of Trade Remittances. Not to mention Treasury had been successful in promoting and taking lead in the local Money Market lending and borrowing between banks and plays a key role in this function. Bank of Khartoum was the first to issue local private Ijara Sukuk to the Market in 2007.

We at Bank of Khartoum endeavor to provide our customers with a range of appropriate -compliant Islamic investment products that suit different lifestyle, as well as various investment time horizons and risk appetites. Our goal is to make Islamic investment easy for you.

Daily Exchange Rate

BOK’s Treasury & Investment Services desk performs the following main functions:

  • Manage BOK’s balance sheet to ensure the availability of adequate liquidity to meet day-to-day operations requirements.
  • Manage all of the banks currency positions
  • Manage extremely competitive foreign exchange services. Whether for large-ticket transactions or the smaller remittance items for individual customers, our prices are competitive.
  • Develop and operate BOK’s investment products, asset management and invest surplus funds.
  • Manage BOK’s portfolio of listed and private equities and funds, strategic investments, income producing instruments.
  • We review all investment opportunities presented to BOK or otherwise identified by it for inclusion in the proprietary portfolio or for structuring into an investment vehicle for BOK’s clients
  • Support other business departments within the bank in order to facilitate their customer activities.


Bank of Khartoum owns 5 subsidiaries companies. These companies are providing various product and services to customers in financial, non-financial and retail sector. They come under the super vision of BOK Management.


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