Bank of Khartoum own 6 subsidiary companies.

These companies are providing various product and services to customers in financial, non-financial and retail sector. They come under the supervision of BOK Management.
Following are the company names:

  • Sanabel Security Co.
  • Wahat Al Khartoum
  • Al Fahed Valuable Assets In Transit United Co.Ltd.
  • National Trading and Services Co. Ltd.
  • IRADA Microfinance Company
  •  Canar Telecommunications

Sanabel Security Co.

Sanabel Securities was established in 1994 and is recognized as a leading stock brokerage firm in the Sudan, with assets of SDG 49 million.


Al Fahad Valuable Assets In transit united Co.Ltd.

Al Fahed Company provides services to safely and securely transfer valuable assets to client directed destinations across the Sudan. These assets include jewelry, gold, documents, currencies, etc


Wahat Al Khartoum

Waha Tower is the largest lifestyle mixed use development located in the heart of the city of Khartoum. The total built area is 130,200 sqm and is comprised of the largest shopping mall in the Sudan (22,000 sqm) filled with retail outlets, restaurants, and a Jungle Fun center for children.


National Trading and Services Co. Ltd.

National Trading and Services Co. Ltd. provides trading, important and export services and marketing of diverse merchandise, products, goods and crops across 20 sectors to countries worldwide, among which are Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, India and China.


IRADA Microfinance Company

We are supporting poverty alleviation and reduce the suffering of the Sudan poorest and marginalized people to start their own micro Businesses.


Canar Telecommunications

Bank of Khartoum announces that it has successfully completed the purchase of the shares of Emirates Telecommunications Group Company PJSC ( "Etisalat Group" ) in Canar Telecommunication Company Limited ( " Canar " ), the shares which represents 92.3 % of the Company’s ownership have been acquired by the bank after securing all regulatory approvals from the governing authorities.


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