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Sanabel Securities was established in 1994 and is recognized as a leading stock brokerage firm in the Sudan, with assets of SDG 49 million. Sanabel Securities provides its clients with a wide base of services related to the securities and stocks listed in Khartoum Stock exchange based on its significant knowledge of the country, combined with its state of the art technology practices, and research tools.

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Address: Wahat al Khartoum FL3 ,Flat No. 302 ,Sudan Po Box 1008

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Sanabel Financial Securities Co. Ltd. (previously known as The National Company for Financial Transactions), was founded in Sudan with a capital of 81 Million Sudanese Pounds. As per KSE (Khartoum Stock Exchange market) trading volume statistics Sanabel ranked among the top three brokerage companies in the market for three consecutive years (2011-2014), at 2015 it ranked the top of the brokerage companies with a total trading value exceeded the amount of 2.2 billion SDG with the ratio of 18.2% from total market trading value. Sanabel has a numbers of portfolios in SDG to its customers; individuals and corporate Sudanese or forging, these portfolios are expected to achieve profits returns of more than 18%. It is 99,9% owned by the Bank of Khartoum, where the foundation of this company coincided with the foundation of Khartoum’s stock exchange in 1994, to be the first stockbrokerage company in Sudan. The company has been given Excellence Award by Bank of Khartoum Board of Directors during its General Assembly meeting held in April 2015 as best subsidiary. Over almost twenty years, the company managed to hold a prominent position by virtue of its modern management supported by distinctive qualification and expertise. The company’s reputability made it one of the leading companies in the field of financial services with assets valued at around 66 Million SDG Pounds, in addition to being an active member of Khartoum’s stock exchange. Furthermore, the company managed to establish an extensive client base of individuals and institutions; facilitated by a dynamic, highly experienced and professional team of ----employees, to meet client’s needs and expectations, in addition to offices equipped with the latest technologies and facilities, providing a suitable environment for our clients whose number has exceeded ten thousand clients (investors).

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