Supplementary Card

Supplementary cards for you, your family members, employees and others

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing convenient solutions to our customers to meet their daily needs, we at Bank of Khartoum are pleased to offer additional supplementary card packages that allow customers to bank by issuing additional supplementary cards for you, your family members – your employees – and others.

  • Withdraw cash from ATMs 24 hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Allow account holder to control his monthly ceiling limit *
  • Choice to choose card color
  • Benefit from call center services
  • Possibility of issuing up to 5 additional supplementary cards *

Card Applying Terms

  • To hold an account with bank of Khartoum
  • Fill out application form
  • Specify beneficiaries of the service

(Terms and Conditions apply) *

(Monthly withdrawal roof systems is subject to rules and regulations of Central Bank) *

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