Bank of Khartoum Announces launch of Visa payment products to its customers in Sudan

Bank of Khartoum (BOK) has announced that Visa digital payment products are now available to their customers in Sudan. The bank will be offering its customers a variety of products including:

  • BOK-Visa – Debit Cards
  • BOK-Visa – Prepaid Card (Physical)
  • BOK-Visa – Prepaid Card (Virtual)


Bank of Khartoum is offering a full suite of Visa debit and prepaid cards that will allow customers to choose a card type based on their needs. Visa Debit Cards are categorized as Gold, Platinum & Infinite based on the respective customer profile. Visa’s Prepaid physical cards can be used for both online and in-store shopping at all locations accepting Visa. The Visa prepaid virtual card is intended only for internet and online payments worldwide.


Bank of Khartoum will also provide and start Visa acquiring for both physical and online merchants to enable them to accept digital payments for their businesses.


Customers can visit designated BOK branches and request a Visa card.  All details are available on Bank of Khartoum’s official website and social media.


Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Dr. Moustafa El Hassan, Group CEO, Bank of Khartoum, said, “This is a significant achievement. The world of eCommerce is now just a click of a button away for Sudanese customers. Customers in Sudan who wish to connect with the global marketplace can now do so directly and without having to rely on friends and family overseas. The BOK-Visa cards can be used to shop in millions of locations, purchase goods from online retailers, purchase airline tickets, make hotel bookings, purchase subscriptions for online streaming and entertainment services.


BOK-Visa cards can be used overseas at any of the 70 million merchant locations that accept Visa. We are excited about partnering with Visa to bring new and innovative digital payment products and solutions to Sudan for our valued customers and we look forward to introducing other premium services as we move forward on this journey.”


Mr. Ahmed Mohey, Visa Country Manager for Sudan said “We are proud to partner with Bank of Khartoum to achieve this important milestone of introducing Visa payment solutions in Sudan. This suite of Visa products will provide customers with a secure, fast, and easy-to-use way to make online and in-store payments backed by the latest in security technology. Visa is committed to expanding the payments landscape in underserved communities around the world and is excited to work with Bank of Khartoum to develop new and innovative payments products and services that can eliminate barriers to global commerce for merchants and consumers in Sudan. We believe this is the start of a journey to both develop the local market, and support Sudan’s growth in enhancing financial inclusion amongst their unbanked population.”

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