mBOK – Mobile Money (Register with Mobile Number)

mBOK Mobile Money service is a new product introduced from Bank of Khartoum. This service allows customers to open Mobile Money Account using their valid mobile number. A mobile money account works just like a normal bank account. You can deposit or withdraw money in your Mobile Money Account from any of the BOK Wakeel Shops (more than 2,000) all across Sudan.

Download the mBOK App an click on “New User” option on the login screen.

To Register using Valid Mobile Number: Go to “New User” option on the app and select Mobile Number option. Enter your valid mobile number (e.g 249XXXXXXXXX) and submit. You will receive SMS instantly with your Temporary PIN to login the app. Use this Temporary PIN to login and create your own desired Mobile Account PIN.

Direct link of download click here (V-4.15 Updated on 4-Dec 2016)

OR visit Android or Apple Store

google play Google Play app store App Store

mBOK Mobile Money Features:

  • Check Account Balance and Last 10 Transaction History,
  • Deposit or Withdraw Money from your Mobile Money Account,
  • Transfer Funds; from Mobile Account-to-Mobile Account Deposit or anyone (even if they do not have a Mobile Account),
  • Save money in your Mobile Money Account,
  • Purchase Electricity (SEDC),
  • Top-up your Mobile Phones (Zain, MTN, Sudani - Pre or Postpaid),
  • Pay for E-15,
    And many more...

Balance Inquiry of the account

 This feature helps you to Inquire about your balance

  • Click “Accounts” Button
  • Click on “Get Balance”
  • A pop-up message will appear with your current balance
  • Also you will receive an SMS with your current balance


How to get the last Transactions of the account?

This feature helps you to get the information of last 5 transactions done in the account.

  • To get the last Transaction:
  • Click” last Transaction “shown on the screen of the “Accounts” page


How to do payments for MTN, SUDANI, ZAIN and SEDC (electricity)?

This feature helps in electronically paying of MTN, SUDANI, ZAIN, SEDC and E-15 bills.

  • Click “Bill Payment” button
  • Select Biller (Mobile Prepaid, Mobile Postpaid, Electricity Services,E-15)
  • Select service Name
  • Click “Proceed”
  • Select service ID
  • Enter mobile number or Meter Number or invoice number
  • Enter amount
  • Click “Submit”


Once transaction done you will get a confirmation sms on your mobile number

How to transfer from my mobile Account to other mobile Account “Transfers”?

This features helps in transfer of amount from one mobile account to another mobile account.

  • Click “Transfer” button
  • Enter the mobile number to transfer to
  • Enter the amount to transfer
  • Click “Transfer” button


Once transaction done you will get a confirmation sms on your mobile number

 How to do a “Card less withdrawal”?

Feature helps in withdrawal of the amount through Wakeel using the OTP sent by sms

  • Click “Transfer” Button
  • Click “Cash withdrawal” button
  • Enter Amount
  • Click “Transfer” button
  • give OTP to Wakeel agent and withdraw the amount


Once Transfer transaction is requested a sms with OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to your mobile number.

How to change Setting?

It helps to change mobile pin

  • Click “Setting” button
  • Enter current pin
  • Enter new pin
  • Re-Enter new pin
  • Click on “change” button


  • Also you can change the language:
  • Click “Setting” button
  • select language

mobile money available in both Arabic and English language


Mobile Money Account Transaction Limits & Fees

ACCOUNT LEVEL: STANDARDSend (Amt in SDG)Receive (Amt in SDG)
Min Trx Amt11
Max Amt Per Trx5,0005,000
Max WITHDRAWAL Per Day5,0005,000
Max WITHDRAWAL Per Week35,00035,000
Max WITHDRAWAL Per Month150,000150,000
# of Trx Per DayUnlimitedUnlimited
# of Trx Per WeekUnlimitedUnlimited
# of Trx Per MonthUnlimitedUnlimited

Cash Deposit

Slab StartSlab EndFee

Cash Withdrawal

Slab StartSlab EndFee